Das D-RACK von Parax


The bike

wall mount

Olivenholzfront close-up
D-RACK mit Kebony Holzfront
Das D-RACK von Parax


The bike wall mount for stylish bikers Minimalistic, puristic, elegant Customize to fit your bike

The modern bicycle is a true piece of craftsmanship and meets the rider’s expectations in style, functionality and sustainability. The D-RACK matches your bike in all these qualities. It is entirely designed and produced in Germany using high quality materials. Due to its local manufacturing process, colors and length can be custom-made. The unique drilling template allows mounting your bike horizontally even though its top tube may not be.
Starting with the Kickstarter Campagne in March you can preorder the D-RACK in your favorite color.

Funded on Kickstarter

Thanks to our disign afine supporters! 100% positive feedback: Bike-lovers love Parax! Kickstarter staff pick!

Our Kickstarter-Campagne in april showed: The D-RACK is the bike wallmount for your home! We fascinated 10.000 people world-wide within one month of our campaign. Their trust has been paing off.  Thanks to these early adopters we are now able to deliver the D-RACK to you from our own online shop!

Sustainable: From packaging to product

100% plastic free Kebony: The better type of wood Local production within 100km

We pick, design and  produce all components of the D-RACK with great care. To to guarantee not only style but also a long lasting high quality product we cooperate with stustainable oriented european companies as the norwegian wood producer Kebony. Due to many local partners we not only reduce our transport ways and energy consumption but are also able to controll the production process in every single step. Our product is completely recyclable, even the packaging comes 100% plastic free. 


Costumize your D-RACK: Choose your color and length as you wish


Thoroughly picked materials: Your D-RACKis stylish and durable!

MADE locally

For environmental and quality reasons we produce the D-RACK entirely in Germany.

That’s us

Studies physics at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Thrilled by the D-RACK, he soon contributed tons of ideas and brought in his professional skills in 3D construction, CNC milling, silicone molding and webdesign.
Studies sport science at the german sports university in Cologne. He developed the first prototype of the D-RACK to mount his loved road bike above his bed. Because many friends asked for a similar bike rack, he initiated the company PARAX with his best friend Frido.

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