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The smart lock comes with an NFC card for locking and unlocking. Optionally, you can use further NFC cards, NFC wristbands or NFC keychains for locking/unlocking. You can add up to 5 NFC-Key variations to your Pealock.


The NFC card is used to unlock/lock the Pealock. The card is the size of a credit card and can be carried in the sleeve of a ski jacket, a wallet or a bicycle jersey, for example.


You prefer a light and comfortable wristband instead of an NFC card? The minimalistic design of the wristband will make it easy to carry with you and look stylish while doing so. Available in black with the Pealock logo.


Other than the card and the wristband there is also a keychain. Thanks to the simple shape of the keychain it is going to fit smoothly into your keyring.

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Weight 0,3 kg

Card, Wristband, Keychain

Card colour

Green, Purple, Black


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The Pealock

The Pealock is a smart lock for your sports equipment. It is multifunctional, easy to transport and can effortlessly be stored in the pockets of your cycling jersey or ski jacket. Whether bikes, skis or strollers: The Pealock secures everything that is important to you. You can easily lock/unlock the Pealock with the NFC key. You can choose between a card, a wristband or a keychain.

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