Torben Siegert

How it all began.

Welcome to PARAX!

Already in 2015 Torben had the idea for our first bicycle wall mount . As a passionate racing cyclist, he was confronted with the classic WG space problem. The road bike was always in the way in the hallway. And let’s be honest: The cellar, not to mention the bicycle rack in front of the house has never been a real option.
So the solution was clear: The bike has to be in the air!

When the already existing solutions were either too expensive or simply not stylish enough, he quickly developed his own version of a bicycle holder.

Often asked by friends about his smart solution, the idea matured to produce and sell the D-Rack in a small batch.

In the following months we worked on the design and production details to produce the first small series of the bicycle wall mount.

We continue in our next article -> Preparations for our Crowdfunding campaign.

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Voucher Indoor Bike Holder


Finally we’re getting back to you, because there is something new: Just in time for Christmas you can now order vouchers from us.

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