We too started out once. We were also a start-up full of drive and we were always grateful for support. That’s why we, as a small team, want to support other small businesses and start-ups. We would like to introduce you to products and brands that we believe in and stand behind. We will gradually expand our list here. If you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us. Some products are also available in our shop. This way you support both the small businesses and us at PARAX. Thank you and have fun with our Trusted Brands!

In the Czech Republic, an intelligent lock was developed to protect sports equipment. After a Kickstarter campaign, a Red Dot Award and an investment from Nation 1 and Prusa Research, the lock could go into production. The latest model, Pealock 2, is a smart lock for sports equipment and other gear. Thanks to its compact design, the lock can protect not only sports equipment, but also skis, bicycles, snowboards, scooters and strollers. The Pealock 2 is not only connected to a mobile app but also to a GPS module. It alerts you in case of movement or theft.

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