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The Bike Rack for All

With 3 wall mounts in the range, we have so far been able to cover very many needs of the bike community. But over the years, we have been asked again and again, all of them describing the same problem:

Do you have something for my mountain bike? Where can I hang my ladies bicycles? What do I do if my handlebars are wider than 72cm?

The task was clear: We have to develop a universal bike rack so that all our customers can give their special bikes a home. A rack that can cover all needs and at the same time is a stylish eye-catcher – an essential feature of our PARAX wall mounts. A rack that offers space for every type of bike without exception and meets our expectations of a wall mount: quality, style and a decisive highlight. Is it possible? Shouldn’t we be satisfied with the needs we can cover? But our ambition had long been aroused and several sketches and nights of brainstorming later, the time had finally come: the first prototype of our U-RACK was born!

U-RACK Apartment

A rack where universality is already in the name - delivered in 3 individual parts.

The tire holders give your bike a secure grip and ensure that it “stands” safely on the wall. But the decisive highlight of our newsest addition is the adjustable cable pull. It is attached to the so-called anchor and ensures that you can adjust the angle of your bike to the wall individually. So you can be sure on the one hand that your bike does not come into contact with the wall and cause unsightly stains. On the other hand, it is now possible to bring your favorite piece of art stylish and yet maximally space-saving on the wall.

U-RACK | bike wall mount suitable for all bikes

As you know it from us, we have paid attention to the highest quality of the materials used for the U-RACK. All individual parts are manufactured by selected and regional craft enterprises and thus 100% in Germany. In our workshop, the individual parts are further processed and combined into a product.

The solid oak wood is sawn, sanded and oiled by hand. The steel is formed and powder coated in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany. In combination with the black cord and the oak wood, the unmistakable style of the U-RACK is created. And of course, at PARAX, we package each wall mount ourselves in the specially made box.

So what are you waiting for? Now there’s no excuse why you don’t have a PARAX Bike Rack in your home.

We look forward to your feedback on our new U-RACK – the rack for everyone 🙂

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Finally we’re getting back to you, because there is something new: Just in time for Christmas you can now order vouchers from us.

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