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Bring your bikes into the dry.

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Hang your bike in your bedroom.

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Our leading light

Our D-RACK embodies the epitome of a perfectly shaped wall mounted bike rack for your home. The holder for your bike can be fitted with a stylish wooden panel and, thanks to the innovative drilling template, can be mounted in just a few steps. 

Real reviews from true bike lovers

Our elegant space saver

The L-RACK is the latest bike wall mount in our range and combines intelligent design with a clear shape. The hidden magnet allows the wall mount to be folded up in the blink of an eye.

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Our stylish bestseller.

The S-RACK is the newest bicycle wall mount in our collection. It elegantly and inexpensively brings your bicycle into your home. The integrated shelf gives you additional storage space for your accessories.

Real reviews from true bike lovers

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Our wall mount is not only the cost-performance winner in the Cycle magazine. The unique quality has also been confirmed in many other bike media.

This is Us
Torben & Fridolin

Torben & Fridolin, Founders of Parax

Best friends. Bike lover. Founder. On our travels together, we are constantly finding new inspiration for innovative products. In our workshop we then develop our ideas. Here we manufacture with heart, mind and passion. Always hungry to change new ideas, you can also support us with new ones in the near future.

Funded on Kickstarter
Our D-RACK was funded on Kickstarter in 2016

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With the help of 127 supporters we generated the seed capital in 2016 to realize our idea. Like everything at PARAX, the video is 100% self-made and edited. Have fun watching.

That's why you need a
bicycle wall mount!

Protects against theft

In Germany, 300,000 bicycles are stolen every year, with an enlightenment rate of less than 10%. With our wall mounts you not only keep your bike stylish but also safe.

Perfectly organised

Is your bike in the way so far? Our wall mounts create space for your most loyal companions without taking valuable space from your home.

Good for your bike

The apartment is the best place to protect your favorite piece from any form of weather. With our bike holders wind, sun, rain and storm can’t harm your bike anymore.

A real eye-catcher

With our bicycle wall mounts you can perfectly showcase your bike. The special thing about them is that they come in the style of your bike. They put your bike in the foreground without attracting attention.