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Delivery time: 1-3 working days. Will be packed for you after configuration.
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The D-RACK combines design with functionality and puts your bike in the foreground. The holder fits fluently into your everyday life. In one easy step, the bike is on the holder and is safely stored thanks to the non-slip silicone protection. The different wooden fronts and colors allow you to integrate a special kind of furniture into your four walls.

Configure the combination that best suits you, your living space and of course your bike.


A silicone pad protects your frame from scratches and provides a non-slip grip. The wall mount is compatible with all common diamond frames and carries bicycles with a handlebar width of up to 52 cm (size M) or 66 cm (size L). Use our Fitting Guide to find out if the S-RACK is suitable for your bike. The maximum load of the bike mount is 20 kg. Of course your wall should be stable enough.


Wall mounting is quick and easy. Thanks to the supplied fixing material and an intelligent drilling template, the holder can be screwed on in just a few steps. An integrated pendulum allows you to measure the angle of your top tube. The D-RACK can be adjusted to the angle of the top tube without a spirit level. Please have a look at our installation guide.


All individual parts are manufactured by selected and regional craftsmen’s workshops and thus 100% in Germany. At PARAX, the individual parts are further processed and combined into one product. Only the highest quality materials are used for the D-RACK: The body is made of CNC-milled anodized aluminum, the edge protection is made of durable silicone and the wooden front is either in kebony or olive wood.
We pack each product ourselves, with love and individually according to order.
From conviction a respectful treatment of humans and environment is as important to us as our passion in each product.

DAS D-STRAP (not included in delivery)

To prevent the front wheel from turning to the side and leaving black stripes on the wall, you can order an optional PARAX leather strap with velcro. This will fix your wheel to the down tube of the frame with just one movement. You can find the D-STRAP in our Shop. Suitable for all PARAX wall brackets and all other bicycle wall brackets.


Product dimensions (WxHxD): 33 × 10 × 10 cm (M)| 40 × 10 × 10 cm (L)
Weight: 2.8 kg
Material: Material body: aluminium, anodized
frame protector: silicone (weather-resistant)
Max. max. load: 20 kg
max. Handlebar width: M: 52 cm | L: 66 cm
Scope of delivery: Bike mount, screws, dowels, bit, mounting template

Additional information

Weight 2,8 kg
Dimensions N/A

M (up to 52cm Handlebar width), L (up to 66cm Handlebar width)


Black, Silver

Frame protection

Black, Red

Wood panel

None, Kebony (+30€), Olive (+40€)

20 reviews for D-RACK

  1. Toni

    I have decided on the Parax wall mount and am totally thrilled. From the packaging to the installation everything is perfect. Would buy the wall mount again at any time.

  2. Albert

    Moin together,
    I’m trying to get to the point here:
    Great wall mount, a real eye-catcher, which is really well processed regarding my delivery. Delivery was as usual quick and the construction was thanks to the template and the Step by Step really no witchcraft.
    As you can see, the wheel hangs in my study, is safe there and the wall mount is a visual enrichment for me.

    I am of the opinion there are many products today that are tidy, but none really appealed to me. I actually think a bit that the one point that could attract people’s attention is the price.
    In my case I knew what I was looking for and found exactly that in this product.

    I don’t like to judge how the wall mount behaves on heavier bikes, but if you ride a light sporty bike, you won’t have any problems.

    Best regards

  3. Hendrik

    Sophisticated and accurately crafted bicycle wall mount. Looks absolutely high quality and looks great.

    All necessary screws and dowels are included.

  4. Martin

    Color: Silver | Black | KebonySize: L (up to 66cm handlebar width)Verified Purchase
    I finally got over ordering that.
    When I got the package, everything was even better than expected.
    – Top packaging
    – attention to detail
    – Wonderfully prepared
    – simple and highly processed handling
    ==> All in all => Successful overall package & stylish for the apartment.

    Thanks for the great product.

  5. Linda

    Fast delivery. Very nice packaging. Easy to understand instructions. Installation without problems. Holds bomb and looks great. Made in Germany – there is also the price OK.

  6. Peter

    Today I got the wall mount and mounted it directly.
    Really well thought-out wall mount, high-quality goods, from the packaging to the screw.
    The boron template makes installation child’s play, 4x 8th holes.
    Very stable….great part.

  7. Stefan

    Great design. The design is unique and shows the bike to its best advantage. The workmanship and the material are very high quality. The supplied screws and dowels are also optimal for assembly.

  8. Axel

    For my new GIANT Defy Advanced Pro I was looking for a noble and appealing bicycle holder for the flat. With the D-Rack from Parax I found it.
    The bike holder is very high-quality processed and by the edge protection the bicycle is not damaged. It hangs very securely, even with the sloping top tube.
    With the very good assembly instruction and the assembly template the wall piece can be fastened simply and fast. All screws, dowels, Torx bits and angle wrenches are included. It is perfect.
    With the wood friend and color selection everyone finds surely the suitable.
    I can only recommend this holder.

  9. Alexander

    Hello everybody, here is my impression of the Parax wall mount. The workmanship is first-class, the optics looks very noble. The accessories and tools are of best quality, even the screws and dowels are Tip Top. And even my wife is happy now, because now my piece of jewellery is no longer in the living room, but hangs high on the wall in the hallway. On the whole a great product and I would always buy it again and recommend it to others. Sporty greetings Alexander

  10. Tobias

    I’m not the one writing the review, but here I have to sit in front of the computer…

    The PARAX bicycle wall mount convinces in all respects. It is pleasantly simple and yet very robust.
    The installation is child’s play and its simplicity and elegance are visually convincing.
    I do not have a cellar and therefore have to house my beloved racing bike in the apartment, I have long resisted simply to build a hook on the wall dull to put the wheel simply in the corner.
    The PARAX system was exactly what I was looking for, simple but elegant.

    An absolute purchase recommendation!!

  11. Jochen

    The holder arrived in a very high-quality packaging and assembly instructions with us! We were enthusiastic ! Simply assembly by the supplied pendulum.
    Everything super – we would buy again and again! Even if the price is quite high, one gets at least a high quality

  12. Franz

    For my new racing bike I have been looking for a really fancy wall mount for a long time. At first I thought the price was a bit high, but the price-performance ratio is really great. The haptics and optics are top. The packaging is exceptionally great. Really everything you need is included, even a bit for the cordless screwdriver. The manual seems complicated at first, but in reality it’s absolutely instructive. Improvement suggestion would be that it is not only in English, but also in German. The mounting in the wall itself is perfect and stable despite the soft walls. The only criticism is that at an angle of 9° in the top tube, as is the case with my racing bike, the bike slips on the holder. Here the assembly instructions – up to 10° – are a bit too optimistic. Great product engeneered in Germany. Start up from Berlin. Absolutely worth supporting!

    Translated with (free version)

  13. Markus

    I am satisfied with the product. Nice was also the kind of the packing and the good guidance…not natural today.

  14. Alexandra

    Super beautiful, high-quality and above all simple wheel holder. The packaging and the assembly instructions are unique.
    Very easy to implement. The pendulum for the alignment of the mount is a great idea ?
    Everything’s very fancy. We are absolutely satisfied with the part.

  15. Palussek

    Very good and simple cultivation. Everybody can do it. Desired angle without problems. Now I enjoy it every day.

  16. Thomas

    Color: Silver | Black | KebonySize: L (up to 66cm handlebar width)Verified Purchase
    I finally got me to ordering that.
    When I got the package, everything was even better than expected.
    – Top packaging
    – attention to detail
    – Wonderfully prepared
    – simple and highly processed handling
    ==> All around => Successful overall package & stylish for the apartment.

    Thanks for the great product.

  17. Thorsten

    A really successful bicycle holder. Everything very well thought out and extremely easy to assemble due to the complete scope of delivery (template with solder, dowels and screws as well as tools). I would decide again and again for this holder!
    Great, keep up the good work.

  18. Anika

    Packaging: this is how it has to be – carefully and attractively packaged without unnecessary foils or other plastic.

    First/exterior impression: impeccable workmanship and everything for the assembly; especially to emphasize is the very easy to understand manual and the definitely helpful drilling template – simple and yet well thought out (especially for bikes with sloping top tube).

    Mounting: was therefore possible without any problems regarding the product; only the screws included in the scope of delivery should have been a little longer for the included universal dowels, so that they could spread more. Due to a wall with a cavity, I had to use special plugs anyway (also according to the information in the supplement) – so no reason for deducting points, but if a whining on a high level.

    Result: Expectations completely fulfilled – absolutely recommendable !-)

    Translated with (free version)

  19. Christian

    In search of a practical way to hang one of my mountain bikes on the wall to save space, I came across this bracket.
    It is certainly cheaper, but the whole thing looked too much like a bicycle cellar or garage to me. Now the accommodation of the bicycle in the apartment is certainly not everyday. Correspondingly few mountings I could find, which one would like to hang gladly in a freshly renovated dwelling. Most of it fits into the cellar or the garage described above. This design looks minimalistic and therefore noble again. By various adaptation possibilities the mounting plate of the own dwelling or the wheel can be adapted. Here I would have wished myself personally further colors, particularly the edge protection would have been in my case in blue first choice. But maybe that will come. The edge protector is sufficient, it prevents scratches, but from my point of view it should have been a little bit more. You also have to pay attention to the upper edge, here it is briefly interrupted. But in any case there is enough protection.
    What is very positive is the mounting material. While elsewhere no or even wrong screws are delivered, here in a small box everything is available what is needed for the assembly; Suitable dowels, suitable screws, but here Torx. These don’t turn so fast. Not everyone will have Torx bits at home, at least not for the cordless screwdriver, but even that’s no problem, a suitable bit is included. To get the part straight to the wall, you don’t need a Bit set, an angle laser, or a spirit level. A simple but ingenious drilling template with pendulum is included. Align, glue to the wall (there are even adhesive pads on the back) and drill. The holder can even be mounted slightly inclined by an angle display. This allows you to compensate for a sloping top tube. Also for me the inclined mounting would have made sense because of the sloping top tube, but I decided for optical reasons for the straight mounting (already have such a template and nevertheless the part hangs obliquely on the wall…) In addition, the wheel on the wall looks a little dynamic. Has something, but is certainly a matter of taste.

    The price/performance ratio is good in my eyes. In addition, it seems to be a startup. Since here surely some at money flowed into the development and production, the money must come now also first of all in again. Here you can also look at the whole thing not under the stinginess is great mentality, but after the kickstarter thought of supporting a good idea with the price, which hopefully will not disappear from the market after a short time.
    But this is only my personal opinion. Under the “Geiz ist geil” thoughts are 170 euros for a piece of square aluminum tube with a milling in it certainly a lot of money.
    Personally I think the idea is great. To whom the whole seems too expensive should however also look at times how much money they actually want to hang there. Here the discussion is surely quite fast terminated ?

    Translated with (free version)

  20. Magnús Harri Sigurðsson (verified owner)

    Perfect in every way. Strong and sturdy with 100% instructions. I’ve got a ferrari kindoff bike on the d rack without me feeling nervous about it falling etc.

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The D-STRAP is the perfect accessory for your Parax wall mount. It locks your front wheel in place and protects your wall from dirt. It is made of high-quality and extremely robust leather and comes in two different lengths. To choose the right length please measure from the rim around the down tube with a tape measure and choose the appropriate length in the dropdown.

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